2023 Spring Workshop 

at UMass Lowell 

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Incorporating Puzzles and Games into the Mathematics Classroom 

Facilitated by Lauren Rose, Bard College, see bio below.

Organizers: Carly Briggs, Roser Gine, Geillan Aly


Mathematics can be used to analyze many puzzles and games.  Conversely, puzzles and games can be used as a vehicle to introduce and explore mathematical concepts and to create an inclusive collaborative environment in the math classroom, leveling the playing field and creating a non-judgmental space for all students to thrive.

In this workshop, participants will get a hands-on introduction to using puzzles and games in a classroom setting, first by being “students”,  then reflecting on the experience and discussing with peers, and finally, beginning to develop a lesson plan to incorporate a game or puzzle into a classroom activity. 

We will introduce participants to the mathematical thinking inherent in the Rubik’s Cube, EvenQuads, and several Julia Robinson Math Festival activities. No previous experience with any of the games and puzzles is assumed, but come prepared to have fun!

Lauren Rose, Bard College

Lauren Rose is a mathematics professor at Bard College in New York State. In addition to teaching throughout the mathematics curriculum, she mentors and trains Bard undergraduates to do math outreach and math research. She is the founder of MAGPIES: Math & Girls + Inspiration = Success, co-organizer of the JRMF Community Math Circle, past chair of the MAA SIGMAA on Math Circles, chair-elect of the UR SIGMAA, and was selected as a 2022 Fellow of the AWM.  Her main goal in life is to make deep mathematics fun and accessible to as many people as possible.




Registration starts at 9:30 am, the workshop starts at 10 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Afterward there is time to connect until 5pm. 


Olsen Hall, Room 102, University of Massachusetts at Lowell 


Mass Transit:

Lowell line: https://goo.gl/maps/rDmr5xv3ADHzUgrJ9 You’d have to walk about ½ hour (or cab / rideshare) from the station (Lowell - end of the line) to the campus.


Parking is available and free on the Lowell Campus.


Coffee and pastries will be available in the morning. Bring your own lunch. Alternatively, there will likely be options to order lunch (most likely Italian) for yourself. There is a Dunkin’ close to alumni hall for your caffeine and pastry needs.

Social Hour:

The workshop ends at 2:30 but we have the space reserved until 5pm so feel free (and plan) to stay a little longer and socialize with your fellow NE-COMMITTERS. Dinner, etc. would be organized on your own.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Carly Briggs carly_briggs@uml.edu or Geillan Aly geillanaly@gmail.com