Professional Learning Communities

Many ideas for Professional Learning Communities were generated at our last conferences. A list was added to the PUBLIC FOLDER for NE_IBLM, take a look to see what the community is interested in:

If there is a PLC you would like to lead please feel free to reach out to the NE-IBLM community via our google email list to assess interest and get this PLC established. If you are not connected to the NE-IBLM email yet, sign up. 

Roles PLC leaders or co-leaders could take on include:

Fall 2023 Reading Group

We are meeting once a month to discuss the book "Choosing To See" by Pamela Seda and Kyndall Brown.

Facilitator: Christine von Renesse

Summer 2023 Reading Group

We are meeting every 2 weeks to play the games in the book and discuss their connection to mathematics and teaching.

Facilitator: Debbie Borkovitz

Spring 2023 Reading Group

We are reading "To know as we are known" by Parker J. Palmer

Facilitator: Christine von Renesse

Fall 2022 Reading Group

We read Inclusive Teaching by Kathy Hogan and Viji Sathy.

Facilitator: Amy Rangel, Penguin Hall High School, MA

Summer 2022 Reading Group

NE-COMMIT members  met once a month to read and discuss the book: "Dear Citizen Math" by Karim Ani.

Facilitator: Amy  Rangel.

Spring 2022 Reading Group

Eight NE-IBLM members  met once a month to read and discuss the book: "Mathematics for Human Flourishing" by Fracnis Su.

Facilitator: Amy  Rangel.

Fall 2021: Shape

Rebecca Mitchell is facilitating a reading group using the book "Shape" by Jordan Ellenberg. Contact her for details!

Fall 2021: Grading for Equity

Erin Rizzie and Rachelle DeCoste are facilitating a reading group for grading with equity this fall. Read details on our email list serv!

Summer 2021 PLC: Building Thinking Classrooms

Rebecca Mitchell facilitated a reading group about "Building Thinking Classrooms" this summer.

Summer 2021 PLC - Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom

The two working groups are meeting regularly this summer. The groups are facilitated by Brendan Kelly (focus on content) and Kyle Evans (focus on pedagogy). 

Spring 2021 Reading Group

We met once a month to read "Critical Race Theory in Mathematic Education" by Davis and Jett. We are also interested in "Asked and Answered: Dialogues on Advocating for Students of Color in Mathematics" by Harris and Winger.  

Statistic PLC Fall 2020

A group of NE-IBLM members is working on how to teach statistics using inquiry.

Summer 2020 Doing Math together: Topology

In Summer 2020 six to ten NE-IBLM members met once a week to work through activities in the book: "Topology Through Inquiry" by Starbird and Su. We used this experiences to reflect on how we learn best in an online setting and implications for our own teaching.

Linear Algebra PLC Spring 2020

Five NE-IBLM members worked on how to teach linear algebra using inquiry. This included class visits in person and online, see also our community blog posts.

Spring 2020 Reading Group

Six NE-IBLM members  met once a month to read and discuss the book: "Connected Teaching" by Harrie L. Schwartz.

Facilitator: Christine von Renesse

Differential Equations PLC Fall 2019

In Fall 2019 five NE-IBLM members worked on how to teach differential equations using inquiry. This included classroom visits.

Fall 2019 Reading Group

Nine NE-IBLM members  met once a month to read and discuss the book: "Make just one change: Teach students to ask their own questions" by Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana.

Facilitator: Christine von Renesse